Sector Security knows that being responsible for a hotel or hospitality facility and creating a safe environment for guests demands a high level of oversight for every area, and we are ready to review your individual security concerns and offer tailored security solutions.

Our security experts can assist in designing, installing and upgrading of a complete security system for your hotel or hospitality facility in the New York City and Tri-State areas.

Preventative maintenance, implementing staff protocols and creating a safe and secure environment are all key essentials in the hotel and hospitality industry, which is why it is critical to integrate the appropriate security measures.

After reviewing your hotel and hospitality security needs and goals, we will offer you a customized solution to improve, enhance or upgrade an existing system that includes one or more of the following options:


  • Access control systems with card / fob / APP technology
  • Audio/video intercom systems with remote smartphone, tablet or PC control
  • Wireless indoor and outdoor hotel and hospitality security platforms
  • Security camera systems (CCTV, High Definition, Wireless/IP, Surveillance)
  • Facility management with electronic locking devices
  • Communication, notification and access control systems
    24/7 monitoring services

Contact us today and let our experts design the right system for your needs.